Encouraging Students

Look Ahead
Make sure students have met the career prerequisites. Students interested in a health care career should take all the math and science possible. However, there are many health care career options available to students who do not have strong math and science skills, so do not discourage those who believe they are not skilled in math or science.

Enroll Early
Begin the enrollment and application process for programs a full year BEFORE THEY PLAN TO BE ACCEPTED. Missing an enrollment or application deadline can mean considerable delay in reaching career goals.

Think Work, Not Subject
Think about what kind of WORK they might be doing with their education—not just what subjects they like. A health care career can offer students a variety of possibilities.

Have Alternative Options Ready
Make sure students have other options in case coursework or abilities do not correlate with high entrance requirements.

Get Some Experience Before Making Career Decisions
Encourage students to get work experience that will expose them to the type of career they are considering. Possibilities include volunteer work, job shadowing, externship, summer or part-time work.